Source of Life Publishing House in Ukraine Endures Through Difficulty, Remains Relevant to Current Social Needs

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Source of Life Publishing House in Ukraine Endures Through Difficulty, Remains Relevant to Current Social Needs

Amid the chaos, the publishing house remains steadfast in its mission

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February 24, 2022, emerged as a watershed moment for Ukraine, cleaving the lives of its citizens into distinct “before” and “after” segments, as the nation grappled with the onset of international turmoil. This period has seen the Ukrainian populace adapt to the harsh realities of conflict, mirroring the biblical foretelling of wars preceding Christ's return.

Two years into the conflict, Ukraine continues to navigate a labyrinth of political, economic, and social challenges, compounded by the necessity of adjusting to its far-reaching impacts.

Despite these tumultuous times, a significant portion of the Ukrainian publishing industry has remained resilient. Statistics reveal that 85.9 percent of publishers have continued operations, albeit with 14.1 percent functioning partially and some reducing their workforce.

The Source of Life Publishing House exemplifies perseverance through these trying times, fostering a culture of remote teamwork, mutual support, and an unwavering reliance on prayer and divine guidance.

Amid the chaos, the publishing house has remained steadfast in its mission. The initial months saw staff relocation, yet the dissemination of essential religious literature continued unabated. In 2024, a poignant publication titled Ukraine. War. God. is set to release, chronicling 365 real-life stories of resilience and divine intervention, compiled by Maxim Balaklitsky and his team.

Editorial focus has been attuned to the current climate, with articles addressing stress management, child welfare during conflict, the power of prayer, and the importance of volunteering. Concurrently, book production persists, navigating the complexities of translation, editing, and design.

The conflict has undeniably imposed arduous working conditions. Staff frequently contend with missile attacks, power outages, and the constant threat of disruption.

These challenges extend to logistical hurdles, such as printing delays and paper shortages, which have impeded the timely distribution of literature.

An intriguing sociolinguistic shift has also emerged, with a significant portion of bilingual Ukrainians transitioning to exclusive use of Ukrainian, fueling a surge in demand for literature in the national language. Responding to this shift, Source of Life now exclusively prints in Ukrainian, with notable works including Ellen White's The Great Controversy and Steps to Christ, among others.

Special focus has been given to children's education during this period. The publishing house has released textbooks for Adventist schools (grades 1–4) aimed at imparting biblical knowledge and values. Plans are underway to extend this initiative to higher grades (5–11).

The resilience of children—the future—is particularly poignant. Despite living through harrowing experiences, their engagement with the children's newspaper Treasure Box has been heartening, with the publication distributed to orphans and children of military personnel.

This dedication to providing spiritual and educational resources underlines the resilience and adaptability of the Source of Life Publishing House and its commitment to serving the community during these challenging times.

Inna Dzherdz, chief editor at Source of Life, encapsulates the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people. Despite the challenges of war and the complexities of a shifting cultural landscape, the publishing house stands as a beacon of hope and faith, continuing to inspire and guide its readers towards spiritual resilience and growth.

The original version of this story was posted on the Ukrainian Union Ukrainian-language news site.