Annual GAiN Conference Yields Inspiring Testimonies

Despite physical human limitations, God is still at work!


Adventists Welcome Renewed US Focus on ‘Global Tragedy’ of Blasphemy and Apostasy Laws

Almost a third of the world’s countries have some laws or policies that criminalize religious freedom.

Religious Liberty

Members in North America Asked to Pray Regarding Adventist on Death Row in Indiana

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a complex family, made up of many different types of people — all of which have fallen short of God’s glory but have the possibility to receive grace through His re...


ADRA will take food to needy families in Amapá after weeks of blackouts

Humanitarian agency expects to deliver over 1,000 tons of food to the population


New research further links eating walnuts with lowered risk of heart disease

New findings on additional benefits of walnut consumption highlight its ability to help reduce the risk of heart disease in older adults. Researchers from Loma Linda University School of Public Health...


COVID-19 pushes leader to become a preacher

After 21 years of faithful service to God, Terence Lepilepi was finally called to face his fear and preach. And he's not looking back.


Digital Evangelism Series Sets New Paradigm For The Church in Jamaica

More than 385 people were baptized during the first ever island-wide digital evangelism series led by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica. Themed “Let’s Talk About Him” (LTAH), the series, whi...


Partnership between church and college helps homeless people in Porto Alegre

Adventist College students make cards for lunch boxes


Talented musicians determined to bring Christmas cheer

Continuing a six-year annual tradition, the highly-anticipated Christmas concert SING NOEL is back this year despite COVID-19 restrictions, with the event transitioning online. A collaboration between...


Members trained for discipleship at two-week camp

More than 375 church members gathered for a week of training and spiritual revival during an Adventist Emphasis Week program organized by the Central Papua Conference (CPC) at the Bautama Campground i...


Hundreds of people are fed by Adventist agency

A key component is to add nutritional value to each serving of lunch


In Inter-America, Women’s Ministries Leaders Celebrate Mission and Focus on ‘I Will Go’ Efforts

Seventh-day Adventist women’s ministries leaders in Inter-America celebrated the culmination of a mission-driven year across the territory with a special online congress Nov. 20-21, 2020. The event hi...

I Will Go

In Brazil, Sabbath-keeping public employees win protections at nation’s highest court

Supreme Federal Tribunal, in two cases, backs right to observe the Bible Sabbath and keep a job

Religious Liberty

The journey of the dead

Lui Yarakei outlines some of the different Vanuatuan perspectives on death and the afterlife.


The link between diabetes and dementia

How nutrition and lifestyle can help you stave off "type 3 diabetes"


School stories highlight of #weRtheCHURCH program

Inspiring stories about the power of Adventist education to shape young lives were a highlight of the latest #weRtheCHURCH program. Reports were shared from Naha Adventist Primary School (Solomon Isla...


Stranded in the dark

A recent breakdown in the middle of the night left Jarrod Stackelroth contemplating the second coming of Christ.


Letter connects elderly woman with church she left behind, rebaptism follows

Maria de Lourdes wanted to return to the Adventist Church, but found the congregations closed due to the pandemic. So, she wrote a letter.


Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game, A Journey Through the Bible.

After the great success of the first Adventist game app, Hope Channel releases new Heroes game in 2021.


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