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Retired Missionary Volunteer Empowers Young Refugees in Thailand Through Adventist Education

Eden Valley Academy is a school that educates young people who have fled their homes due to conflict and violence.

Thailand | Edward Rodriguez

Hellen Hall, an 83-year-old Australian missionary volunteer, has dedicated her life to assisting those in need, and her most recent endeavor has led her all the way to Thailand. Hall has journeyed to the border region of Myanmar and Thailand, where she works at Eden Valley Academy to provide education and support to refugees and young people who have been displaced by the area's violent instability.

Eden Valley Academy is a school that educates young people who have fled their homes due to conflict and violence. The school is located near the Thai-Myanmar border and acts as a safe haven for young people in need of a supportive and caring atmosphere. Currently, Eden Valley Academy is accommodating more than 800 students and keeps growing year after year. With more than 50 teachers, Hall is doing inspiring work in changing the lives of young people in these challenging areas.

"We are attempting to train people who know what they believe in a strong Adventist conviction—we know the health principles—so that when they return, they may start running their own little school for witnessing in communities in many many places of Myanmar where other people cannot go," Hall explained.

Hall's responsibilities at Eden Valley Academy are multifaceted. She assists in the classroom and with student academics, but she also plays a vital role in providing emotional and spiritual support to the students at the school. Many of the students have been through pain and grief, and Hall is there to lend a sympathetic ear and a kind heart.

"I feel very privileged to be able to do this work," Hall explained. "It's a challenging environment, but it's also incredibly rewarding to be able to make a difference in the lives of these young people."

Hall's work at Eden Valley Academy includes more than just giving education and assistance. It is all about assisting young people in rebuilding their lives and finding hope for the future.

"I believe that everyone deserves the chance to live a meaningful and fulfilling life," she said. "And if I can even help one person achieve that, I will have done something truly worthwhile."

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