PRESS RELEASE: How a pizza can explain your existence and what to do about it

PRESS RELEASE: How a pizza can explain your existence and what to do about it

Press Release | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

New micro-documentary ‘Bestseller’ highlights journey of author Clifford Goldstein’s search for meaning; available July 1 at

Contact: Ansel Oliver, [email protected], (301) 680-6306; or Garrett Caldwell, [email protected].

The Seventh-day Adventist Church on July 1 will release the short film “Bestseller,” the story of how author Clifford Goldstein came to an understanding at a pizza restaurant about the meaning of life, and how it would becoming a turning point in his own journey.

The eight-minute film features Goldstein in his own words revealing how he came to identify life’s purpose, ironically, by taking a philosophy lesson on how a pizza arrived at his table. His ensuing search would lead him to make a seemingly irrational decision about the thing mattered to him most—a novel he had been writing for two and a half years while traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Originally from the U.S. city of Miami, Goldstein is the author of 22 books. He travels the world lecturing on philosophy, religion and reasoning. His books include the early biography “The Clifford Goldstein Story,” the heavily philosophical “God, Gödel, and Grace,” and the mainstream “Life Without Limits,” which begins with the little-known story of what happened to Albert Einstein’s brain following his death.

“Bestseller” was written and filmed by Brandan Roberts, who was inspired to make the film after reading Goldstein’s book, “The Clifford Goldstein Story.”

“When I read his book I felt like it was something a lot of people could relate to,” Roberts said. “It’s a powerful transformation. He was searching for something, just like all of us are.”

To see the film

“Bestseller” will be available to view at the website beginning July 1. Subtitles will be available in French, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

A preview is available at

For media

To review the film, or for interview requests for Clifford Goldstein or Brandan Roberts, please contact:

Ansel Oliver
email: olivera(at) 
phone: 301-680-6306


Garrett Caldwell
email: caldwellg(at)

For downloadable visual media click here to access the "Bestseller" Flickr album.

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