Silver Spring, Maryland, United States | ANN Staff

More than 300 Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders will gather at world church headquarters tomorrow for the Executive Committee's last full meeting before next summer's General Conference Session.

The October 9 to 14 meetings are the final opportunity for delegates to add policy items to Session agenda.

Delegates are expected to vote on an edited, updated edition of the official church manual, slimmed down by an estimated 40 to 60 pages. Designed to "read smoothly and be easily understood" yet "maintain content," the new version was sent to members of the church's Executive Committee last month, giving each delegate a chance to review changes before voting, said Church Manual Committee member Homer Trecartin.

Along with year-end statistical and financial reviews, delegates will hear reports on strategic planning for the church for 2010 to 2015. They're expected to approve the 2010 calendar of church emphasis days and special events and vote on a statement on health and healing.

The statement comes after church officials met world health leaders in Geneva, Switzerland this summer for the Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle, agreeing to strengthen partnerships with health organizations. The statement reiterates the church's commitment to community-based, inclusive health ministries.

Also on the docket next week is a recommendation to approve administrative status updates for several 'union missions,' or local church regions that receive appropriations. Delegates are expected to accept the regions' bid for 'union conference' status. Such updates typically reflect a region's spiritual maturity and financial stability, church leaders said. As a 'union conference,' a region is fully self-sufficient and responsible for electing its church officers.