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ADRA Philippines Mobilizes to Provide Relief Support to Families Displaced by Typhoon Rai

Communication and Transportation remains a challenge in reaching more affected areas

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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in the Philippines has dispatched teams throughout different provinces affected by Typhoon Rai. The teams are working to conduct a rapid assessment of the effects, and support communities distressed by the most powerful typhoon of 2021.

Typhoon Rai left behind massive destruction, and displaced over 1.8 million individuals, leaving them uncertain on where to get the necessary resources to keep them alive in the following days.

A few days after Typhoon Rai ravaged major cities in the central and southern parts of the Philippines, the death toll and national damage to both public and private properties continues to rise. As of December 21st, the Philippine National Police reported that 375 lives were claimed by the typhoon, 515 persons were hurt, and fifty-six people have been reported missing.

Rai’s aftermath disabled communication and transportation infrastructure, making assessment and relief operations even more difficult.

ADRA Philippines, together with Adventist Community Services (ACS), and Hope Channel Northeastern Mindanao Mission, interviewed more than 800 families in Surigao City to identify the basic resources and different individual needs. Families expressed their drastic need for food, clean water, hygiene kits, shelter repair, and medicine. Initially, ADRA was able to distribute assistance to over 850 families in Surigao City. 

Electricity and communication are still out and road clearing operations in major roads are being conducted to enable relief operations to reach their respective areas of assignments.

ADRA teams are now in the cities of Butuan and Cebu. Designated teams are in coordination with local government units to provide the best possible assistance to affected families and individuals.

On the ADRA Philippines Facebook Page, Tom Pignon, ADRA Philippines Country Director, appealed on behalf of those who were greatly impacted by this calamity, to stay united and to maintain a strong will to overcome this unprecedented feat.

“The support of individuals, groups, and churches will enable us to help thousands more,” Pignon said. “Lives have been torn apart by this devastating typhoon. As the Adventist church responds to this disaster, let us remember that we are stronger together… Together we can do so much more to help those affected,” Pignon added.

This article was originally published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site.