Victims of the floods in Rio de Janeiro will have the support of Carreta Solidária in Nova Iguaçu (Photo: Isabella Anunciação)

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ADRA Offers Support to Flood Victims in Rio de Janeiro

Mobile unit will provide free assistance to residents affected by the heavy rains, including the distribution of meal boxes and a laundry service

Brazil | ADRA Brazil

The state of Rio de Janeiro is facing a humanitarian crisis after heavy rains caused flooding and landslides. In the midst of this catastrophe, ADRA Brazil began supporting the victims in the cities of Duque de Caxias, Belford Roxo, and Nova Iguaçu.

In immediate response, the organization mobilized teams to assess the urgent needs of the affected communities. According to Kerlisson Magalhães, ADRA's leader for Rio de Janeiro, the close collaboration with local authorities and residents allowed for a clear understanding of the scenario and aid priorities.

The mobile unit arrived on Friday, January 19, 2024, to initially provide free assistance to victims in Nova Iguaçu, distributing meal boxes and washing clothes. The truck has been located at KM32 Square, next to the family clinic on the Rio-São Paulo Highway.

The Solidarity Truck is equipped to provide emergency services and prepared to assist the victims of the flood that affected thousands of Rio de Janeiro families. With the capacity to provide up to 4,500 meals a day and wash up to half a ton of clothes, ADRA's focus has been on distributing ready meals, offering essential laundry services, and providing cards to buy hygiene products. "These actions aim to offer immediate relief to families who have lost their homes and livelihoods," explains Magalhães.

In addition, ADRA Brazil has launched a fundraising campaign to expand its assistance capacity. "This initiative seeks to engage the wider community in helping those affected, reinforcing the spirit of solidarity in difficult times," Magalhães comments.

To collaborate with the campaign, the agency has made a Pix (similar to Venmo, PayPal, etc.) key available: [email protected]

"ADRA's response is not limited to immediate aid. The organization is working in partnership with other entities and municipal authorities to develop long-term strategies aimed at the sustainable recovery of the affected areas. This joint effort highlights the importance of collaboration and ongoing support to overcome the consequences of natural disasters," concludes Magalhães.

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