Distribution of food kits has been one of ADRA's key initiatives. (Photo credit: ADRA Fiji, Facebook)
Fiji | Record Staff

ADRA Fiji has helped more than 43,000 people during the second outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

ADRA’s goals have been to reduce suffering, maintain human dignity, and assist in the containment of COVID-19. It has been working closely with the National Disaster Management Office, the divisional commissioners, and the Ministry of Health.

Assistance has been provided through a range of initiatives, including distribution of food kits, financial support, hygiene packs, and agricultural kits, as well as raising awareness of healthy eating and COVID-19 resilience. The focus has been on vulnerable groups such as women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

“In the urban centers where the impact of COVID-19 is severe, the need for food has been high as more job losses are experienced in the central and western divisions,” said Losalini Bolatagici, ADRA Fiji communications officer.

“ADRA Fiji has been working closely with community leaders, district officers, and government ministries to identify those in need of food, and they have been assisted with our food kits, which contain basic food items.

“Those in containment zones were also assisted. ADRA Fiji also reached as far as the interior of Naitasiri, Yasawa Island, and the Lau Group to provide assistance.”

Bolatagici also said cash assistance continues to be given to people to address their immediate needs. “This gives them the freedom to address the needs of their choice, whether it is food, medicine, bills, or transportation costs.”

ADRA has also assisted the government by providing 100 beds for COVID-19 patients and 200 PPE packs, as well as supporting health and vaccination awareness campaigns. Its work in the community was recently recognized by the head of another local non-government organization.

“The team of ADRA Fiji are to be celebrated for their consistent effort, professional engagement, and effective witness,” said Peter Schultz, Operation Foundation executive director.

“As I move around informal communities, engaging with the vulnerable in those communities, ADRA has been there. It is encouraging to see the tenets of the Adventist Church being brought to practical application and representative influence through their efforts.

“It is evident from my interactions that the ADRA team see their responsibility not only to their projects but also to the wider community in which they engage and operate. In this particular season, ADRA is a valuable resource and contributor towards Fiji and its future.”

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record