Luis recognizing Christ and his sacrifice on the cross with his baptism. [Photo: Nicolás Acosta]

South America

A Dream Leads Man in Chile to Give His Life to Christ

Luis Sepúlveda had a dream as a young man that he only managed to understand years later with a series of events that brought him closer to God.

Chile | Nicolás Acosta

As the world remembers Christ's death and resurrection during the Easter weekend, many people are impacted by Christ and His love in extraordinary ways. This is the case of Luis Sepúlveda, where “God's chain of salvation was manifested in an amazing way,” according to Pastor Daniel San Juan, local church pastor in Chile.

At a young age, Luis had a dream that had a very strong impact on him. He dreamed of numerous angels and the image of God making a triumphant arrival to earth from the top of a hill. At that time he did not know the meaning of this dream, which symbolized the second coming of Jesus, and without fully understanding what he had dreamt, he kept that image in his memories throughout his life.

As time passed, Luis' life took a drastic turn when he suffered a work accident, falling from the fourth floor of a construction that left him immobile. During those times of difficulty, Luis tuned into the Nuevo Tiempo Radio and TV signal where he saw the same image that he dreamt of in his youth. However, this time, he learned that what he had seen pointed to the second coming of Jesus. This sparked his interest in learning more about Jesus. As a result, Luis requested Bible studies.

At that time, Pastor Daniel San Juan de Osorno contacted Luis to begin studying the Bible with him. However, God had more plans to reach Luis. This is how Luis met Juan Cheuquián, an elder from the Quinto Centenario Church in Chile. Luis did a particular job for Juan and during that occasion, Juan began to talk to him about Jesus. This opportunity led Juan to begin giving Luis "The Faith of Jesus" (La Fe de Jesus) Bible studies. When Luis received a copy of the study for the first time, the cover caught his attention as the image it contained was of the second coming of Jesus. It was then that Luis understood that God was looking for him.

Surprisingly, Luis had never revealed to Juan that he was a follower of Nuevo Tiempo's radio and television channel. But when the church elder and the pastor met to visit their students, they were astonished to discover it was the same person.

For Luis, this meeting was a confirmation that God was working in Luis's life in an extraordinary way. Luis completed his Bible studies and then, gave his life to Jesus through baptism at the Quinto Centenario Church.

Salvation Chain

According to Pastor San Juan, Luis' story led him to reflect on the chain of salvation that God establishes when he wants to reach a person. This chain begins with a crisis that awakens a need in someone's heart. Then, a radio and television channel enters his home, carrying the message of hope. Then, through a Bible course, comes a “casual date” that connects that person with a Bible instructor. And finally, at the moment of baptism, the church is present to care for and support those who decide to give their lives to Jesus.

According to Pastor San Juan, Luis' testimony reminds us of the importance of the mission that each follower of Christ has. "We all have the responsibility to be part of a chain of salvation, carrying the message of hope and sharing the love of God with those who need it," he comments.

The original article was published on the South American Division Spanish website.