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How Can You Survive the Great Delusion?

Delusion in the Last Days [How Can We Stand For Truth with God?] – Pastor Wilson

In this episode, Pastor Ted Wilson talks about the great delusion of the end time. He shares how we can survive it and stand for truth.

Kid, How Can You Be Like Daniel?

Daniel and Friends [How Can Children Like You Be Faithful?] – Pastor Wilson

Tomorrow, July 24, is Children’s Sabbath with the theme “Called to be Different: Where Kids are Called to Follow Jesus.” With this, we highlight our children in the church. We encourage them to develop a strong relationship with God and share their faith with others. In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson shares the story of Daniel and his friends in the Bible. The question is asked: How can children like you be faithful and different like these four young men?

Survive the End-time Storm

Storm [How Can the Spirit's Sword Help Us Overcome Life's Perils?] – Pastor Wilson

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson talks about how we can survive the storms of the last days by clinging to God’s Word.

The Hope of the Resurrection

Hope [The Wonderful Hope that Jesus Brings - Pastor Wilson]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson focuses on the wonderful hope that we have in Jesus.

Love Like Jesus

Heart Like Jesus [How Can We Learn to Love a Broken World? Pastor Wilson]

How can we learn to love a broken world? In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson reminds us of the love that Jesus had for this world and how we can pray for a heart like Him.

The Influence of Fathers

Fathers [Pastor Wilson Looks at the Influential Role Entrusted to Fathers]

In this video, Pastor Ted Wilson looks at the influential role that has been entrusted to fathers.


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