Why Are Adventists Distributing Millions of Books about Bible Prophecy for Free?

In this episode: ANN In-Depth host Sam Neves engages in a profound discussion with Almir Marroni, director of Publishing for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. Together, they explore the substantial impact of the literary masterpiece, The Great Controversy, and unveil an ambitious mission transcending borders.


Learn about the project spanning over 130 languages, mobilizing church members for house-to-house deliveries and global mission journeys. The grand objective? Enlist everyone in the task of spreading the good news in the form of 1 billion copies of The Great Controversy, in digital and physical forms. 

Also in this episode: print media in the face of digital censorship and a testament to unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel.

Discover how you can secure your own copy of "The Great Controversy" and join the mission by visiting the website at https://greatcontroversyproject.org/.