[Photo Courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]
Russia | Vitaliy Maringos, Head of the Community Information Department c. Trinca, Moldova

On December 26th, the last Sunday of 2021, a New Year's youth meeting was held in Trinca, north of Moldova.

The meeting, a tradition that began seven years ago, is a meeting that the youth look forward to every year. 

This year, before the celebration, it was decided to organize a missionary project for all the inhabitants of Trinca village. They were presented with newspapers and greeting cards with warm sincere wishes from the Trinca Village Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as words of hope and support for difficult times. The youth gladly took part in the project and in more than two hours the whole village was covered.

The pastor, Denis Singereanu, was glad that the project he had been preparing and praying for with the church was successfully implemented.

After the project, with a solemn musical introduction, a youth meeting began, the content of which this year was focused on interpersonal relationships. The organizers tried to create a warm atmosphere for dating and communication, as well as dividing the guys into separate groups to give them the opportunity to be creative and express themselves. They created New Year's menus, played miniatures based on Bible stories, and also tried their knowledge in a Bible competition.

With a very heartfelt and sincere appeal, in a fatherly way, the leader of the youth of the Church in Moldova, Pastor Leahu Robert, addressed the young people. The topic of his speech was: "Why do I want to go to heaven?”.

He touched on many difficult and urgent problems of faith experienced by young people, and the result was a prayer that the Lord would give everyone the desire to strive for heaven.

[Photo Courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

[Photo Courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

At the end of the meeting, the young people had the opportunity to sign and present a nice postcard with treats to one other.

In order for them to keep such pleasant moments in their memory for a long time, a photo zone was organized in which all participants could take a photo for a memory at the end of the meeting.

We want to express our gratitude to the Lord for the opportunity to organize such meetings, even during a pandemic, as well as gratitude to the entire team of pastors from the north of Moldova and the leadership of the Moldovan Union for their support. May this experience inspire other fields to organize similar projects and events.

May the Lord bless everyone in the New Year 2022!

This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site.