Young people in a Russian boarding school get a visit from Pathfinders from Moscow

Young people learned about Jesus, played games and passed out medals and small gifts to the students.

Moscow, Russia | Elena Kopylova

The best gift for Christmas is an opportunity to give someone joy! Therefore, members of the Adventist Church group "Kuntsevskaya and Odintsovskaya", as well as their friends from other communities, decided to arrange a holiday on January 7 for pupils of a special boarding school in the village of Lukhtonovo, in the Vladimir region of Russia. 22 people - adults, youth and teenagers went on the journey.

Pupils of the boarding school took part in fun activities with pleasure. The group played mobile games, learned funny songs with movements, and after dinner, drew pictures, glued paper Christmas trees and decorated gingerbread. For participating in the games, each child was given a large chocolate medal and a sweet present.

The Moscow community "Kuntsevskaya and Odintsovskaya" has been friends with the Luhton boarding school for three years. Parishioners of the community do not visit the children with empty hands. Many times, they find out in advance what the needs are and try to help as they can. This time, along with the equipment for games and material for the master classes, the community brought washing powder, liquid soap and toilet paper. The whole community donated money. 

Pastor Igor Kirichenko told the boys about Jesus Christ: "Do you know what kind of quality He had? Modesty. Jesus did so much for people - he fed, healed, but never boasted. He was born to give his life for us. Jesus loves you very much, guys, and he wants your dreams to come true. Believe in Jesus, and you will succeed in life. "

Most of all children were happy to for the attention. Each of them chose one of the guests and talked, hugged and cuddled with them during the day. The children clung to Sister Raisa. "You're light," Raisa told one of the girls with freckles, reading her name on the badge. "How do you know the meaning of my name?" - Raisa was surprised. "I know! I'm interested in that! "- said the girl, and immediately quoted her new poem: "You are Paradise, because of paradise! "

It is more than four hours from Lukhtonovo to Moscow and back. On the way back, everyone sang and talked to each other. What is the distance, if you are excited, if every one of your visits brings joy to children and their selfless teachers?