In action, volunteers distribute kits, serenade and pray with patients and health professionals (Photo Credit: Caiala Brenda)

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Young people deliver “letter of Jesus” to health professionals in São Paulo

About 1,700 people were impacted by initiatives carried out in four medical centers in the capital

Brazil | Stephanie Passos

When distance became a form of prevention, carrying the message of hope was one of the ways that young people in the South of São Paulo, Brazil, found to thank health professionals for their work during this pandemic period.

With posters, praises, and a hope kit - with a “letter from Jesus” and chocolates - the participants have already reached more than 1,700 employees. The special letter, worded as if written by Christ, brings a message of hope and gratitude.

The initiative started with a small group of people in the Capão Redondo region, who planned to connect with about 780 health professionals at the Adventist Hospital of São Paulo, but the idea gained momentum when content was posted on the internet.

“We launched a video asking people for financial help and explaining what we were going to do,” explains Caiala Brenda Magalhães, administrator and volunteer in the project. “And it just grew and grew. People were donating significant amounts to the project. We launched it for the Youth Ministry of Capão, but soon all the districts and regions were helping.” 

In four actions, carried out following all health and safety protocols--with the use of masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and keeping socially distanced--the volunteers offered serenades, prayed with the doctors and patients of each location, and distributed the hope kits to health professionals.

“We feel the need to take a little bit of the love of Christ to those who are exhausted from managing all that is happening, so we pay a simple tribute,” comments Jessica Albuquerque of the third youth region of Associação Paulista Sul, headquarters of the Adventist Church for the South region of the city of São Paulo. “We plan to keep this recognition going. In this moment, especially, these professionals need our support and prayer, and with this project we hope to increase the desire for mission in the hearts of the young people of our church.”

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site