Tiraspol, Moldova | Natalya Belyavskaya

Every year on October 14, Tiraspol, Moldova residents take to the streets, celebrating their city’s birthday. City authorities plan special events for citizens to enjoy during the holiday, and Tiraspol Adventists typically host a NEWSTART health exhibition as their contribution to the celebration. 

This year the NEWSTART program was held in the city park. More than sixty people visited the exhibit, showing interest in the principles of a healthy lifestyle. It is worth noting that this time most of the exhibitors were young people—students, athletes, and those who have been practicing a healthy lifestyle since they were small. Visitors had many questions for the exhibit instructors. Some listened attentively, while others immediately called their friends and invited them to come and participate in the health exhibition.

The kind, attentive attitude the exhibitors showed impressed guests, who gratefully took the information they were given. Topics covered overall health improvement, simple beauty secrets, effective ways to improve memory, children’s health issues, and how to create a friendly family atmosphere.   

Organizers paid special attention to the problem of challenging lifestyle habits, offering the Breathe Free program for those who want to quit smoking, and the Walking Easy program for those who are seeking to improve their health. 

The NEWSTART health program has proven to be a positive display of sincere concern for the health of fellow citizens and guests have asked that Tiraspol Adventists conduct health programs like this more often.