The girl's story touched sympathetic hearts. On the mission, she made friends for eternity. In the end, she received a motorized wheelchair (Photo: Juliana Araujo)

South America

Young Missionary Receives Motorized Wheelchair as Gift from Adventist Volunteers

Diagnosed with myelomeningocele, Amanda Diniz stands out for going beyond her limitations and dedicating herself to social services

Brazil | Gabriela Porto

Amanda Diniz is a young Adventist missionary and university student who defies expectations by dedicating herself entirely to social projects and actions. The young woman's journey goes beyond her health condition. Diagnosed with myelomeningocele, a congenital malformation of the spine, she chose in January 2024 to dedicate her academic vacation to social projects and humanitarian actions.

Amanda’s passion for the mission goes even further: Every day, she helps ten people in the neighborhood of Santa Fé, Cariacica, Espírito Santo, Brazil, through visits and Bible studies.

In 2024, Amanda will dedicate herself to various social projects, such as blood donations, revitalizing squares, streets, and churches, community services, and life and health fairs, among other actions that have a positive impact on the community.

Amanda arrives for her day of work with the community (Photo: ASES Media Center)

Amanda arrives for her day of work with the community (Photo: ASES Media Center)

Amanda gets emotional when she opens her heart and shares the motivation that drives her to dedicate her life to social and missionary service. "Taking part in missions is my way of showing how much I love God. There may be obstacles, people who doubt, and medical diagnoses that try to limit me, but my God is the Doctor of doctors and, above all, He is by my side. This certainty drives me on, regardless of the barriers," she says.

Special Surprise: Gratitude in the Form of Mobility

More than 1,500 young volunteers from the Caleb Mission project gathered at the Espírito Santo Adventist Training and Recreation Center (CATRES) in Guarapari to pay a moving tribute to Amanda in recognition of her work. The event, with the theme "Worship," not only celebrated the blessings achieved by the project but also highlighted the power of solidarity and a united community.

"The worship was not just a meeting but a meaningful celebration in which each participant shared a sense of gratitude for the accomplishments achieved throughout the month," explained Pastor Fabio Gonçalves, youth leader with the South Espírito Santo Conference.

The culmination of the event was the touching presentation of a motorized wheelchair to Amanda. "This gift is not only a symbol of gratitude but also a tool that aims to give the young missionary greater mobility and independence in her social and missionary activities," concluded Gonçalves.

Solidarity and Love of Neighbor: Mission Values

More than 1,500 volunteers gathered in celebration on the afternoon of Saturday, January 27th. (Photo: Juliana Araujo)

More than 1,500 volunteers gathered in celebration on the afternoon of Saturday, January 27th. (Photo: Juliana Araujo)

For Adriana Lopes, a volunteer on one of the Caleb Mission teams, "This is mission. And mission teaches us and moves us to serve. The act of solidarity is not just about 'going' but also about being there and taking care of those who are going. Amanda's experience is remarkable, touching, and it's impossible not to be moved. She went and served, and we came and served her. What an honor!"

The event was marked by the presence of special guests and singers, such as Jeferson Pillar and the Faces Ministry. "It's incredible to see how the youth have served. And, in an exciting way, the mission has reached beyond physical barriers. This is the generation that is rising up to hasten Jesus' return," commented Pillar.

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