Nampa, Idaho, United States | Mark A. Kellner/ANN

Six weeks after world church leaders voted a new fundamental belief
statement, Seventh-day Adventists can now consult a 446-page reference
volume offering a deeper explanation of what Adventist Christians
believe, and why. The new paperbound volume, titled “Seventh-day
Adventists Believe: An exposition of the fundamental beliefs of the
Seventh-day Adventist Church,” has just been printed by the Pacific
Press Publishing Association, one of the world church’s publishing
houses, based in North America, a church official said.

The book includes a new chapter on “Growing in Christ,” the fundamental
belief statement voted by delegates to the church’s 58th General
Conference Session. The chapter explains the rationale for the belief,
as well as its expression in the life of the believer. Although only
the belief statements are officially voted expressions of Adventist
doctrine, the expositions in the book can be used to amplify and deepen
members’ understandings of those beliefs.

The church’s Ministerial Association, which is responsible for
nurturing pastoral development in the denomination, supervised the
revision and publication of the book. It’s the first rewrite since the
original “Seventh-day Adventists Believe” appeared in 1988. That volume
went through many printings, with nearly 1 million copies in

“Seventh-day Adventists Believe” is currently published in English, and
editions in Spanish, Portuguese and French are expected to be available
by the end of this year, according to Pastor James M. Cress,
ministerial secretary for the world church.

“This single volume shows in detail how each [Seventh-day Adventist]
belief is grounded in the Bible and focused on Jesus Christ,” the
book’s back cover notes, written by Cress, states. “Adventist church
members can use this book to dig down to the roots of their faith—to
rediscover the details of truth that excited them when they first found
the joy of salvation,” he adds.

The book promises “students of any background will discover enriching
insights into a fulfilling relationship with God for their individual
lives. If you worship in another church, anticipate some fresh
perspectives as you read. As a group, all Christians comprise a
minority of the world’s population. We need to draw close together and
grow from each other’s spiritual journey.”

The new volume was revised and edited by John M. Fowler, an associate
in the church’s Education Department who had previously served in the
Ministerial Association. Fowler also wrote the new chapter on “Growing
in Christ.”

The book, indexed and with endnotes for almost every chapter, reveals a
wide range of sources used in explaining and expanding on Adventist
beliefs. More than 30 authors and speakers are quoted or referenced in
the chapters, accompanying and explaining each belief statement.

In North America, the English edition of “Seventh-day Adventists
Believe” will be available through church-owned Adventist Book Centers,
as well as the Ministerial Association Web site,