Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea | Erna Johnson/Record Staff

Almost 5000 women attended a weeklong women’s congress in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, opened by the nation’s prime minister.

The event, held at Bautama campsite from September 23 to 29, was the third Adventist Women’s Congress organized by the Central Papua Conference.

The Papua New Guinean prime minister, James Marape, spoke at the congress opening ceremony and shared with the women how important they are to their country, their community and their Church.

The event was themed “Empowered to Arise and Shine”, based on Isaiah 60:1.

Erna Johnson, former Women’s Ministries director for the South Pacific Division and Greater Sydney Conference, spoke to the 1200 teenage girls attending the meetings each day.

“It is the biggest number of teenage girls attending a women’s ministries event ever, held anywhere!” said Johnson. “What a pleasure it was to see those eager faces ready to learn and be challenged.”

Johnson spoke to the girls about self-esteem, personality inventories, life skills, abuse, how to make good life choices, and many other relevant topics. She also presented to all 5000 women each evening about lessons to be learned from women in the Bible.

Agnes Kola, Women’s Ministries director for the Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM), Terry Litchfield and many other speakers presented to the older women on topics such as how to start a small business, singleness, being a widow, parenting and more.

Prayer times were held on multiple occasions during each day.

Central Papua Conference Women’s Ministries director Joy Koi worked for many months alongside a congress committee to make the event a success.

This article was originally published on thewebsite of Adventist Record