Update on Adventist Risk Management South America

Update on Adventist Risk Management South America

Official Press Release from Adventist Risk Management, Inc.

Press Release | Brasilia, Brazil | Adventist Risk Management

The following is an official press release from Adventist Risk Management, Inc.

Brasilia, Brazil February 29, 2024 – As administrative irregularities were identified through a standard regular audit conducted by General Conference Auditing Services, Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM) undertook immediate measures regarding ARM South America. One of these measures was to dismiss the directors that oversaw the organization.

From the moment irregularities were known, ARM has implemented all necessary administrative measures. At the same time, a management team was assigned to care for protection operations.

The objective is to promote the improvement of internal control processes. ARM South America is working to ensure all activities, processes, and contracts continue according to all regulations of the organization.

Adventist Risk Management, Inc. is the risk management and insurance company of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We provide risk management services and insurance product solutions to assist the Adventist Church in eliminating oversights that can lead to costly accidents. ARM has its corporate headquarters in Silver Spring, MD and satellite offices in St. Albans, England and Brasilia, Brazil. 

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