Ribbon cutting for the inauguration of the University Dental Center. Credit - (Photo: UAP Communications)

South America

Universidad Adventista del Plata Inaugurates New Annexes of the University Dental Center

With the presence of leaders of Adventist Education worldwide, the completion of the tasks in the structure of the Dentistry program was presented.

Argentina | Oscar Gonzalez

Before a massive turnout, together with leaders from the Universidad Adventista del Plata (UAP), Sanatorio Adventista del Plata (SAP), and the evaluation commission of the Association of Adventist Accreditation (AAA), the hall of entrance and new annexes that the University Dental Center (COU) building has established in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FCS) were inaugurated.

The act began with a prayer by Dr. Antonio Marcos Da Silva Alves, director of Education for the South American Division. Next, Master Horacio Rizzo, rector of UAP, had words alluding to this fact, thanking God and all the wills committed to renewing projects and service commitments embodied in the joint work that resulted in the completion of this building.

The inauguration was attended by Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, director of the Department of Education for the General Conference (GC) of Seventh-day Adventists; Dr. Peter Landless, director of the GC Department of Health; Dr. Doyle Nick, associate director of the Department of Health for the dental area; and Dr. Julián Melgosa, associate director of the GC Department of Education. 

In addition, these leaders were accompanied by Dr. Bruno Raso, vice president of the South American Division (SAD), as well as Dr. Antonio Marcos Da Silva Alves and Dr. Sócrates Quispe Condori, director and associate director, respectively, of Education for SAD.

In addition, Dr. Milton Mesa and Dr. Jorge Escandriolo, dean of FCS and director of the Dentistry program, respectively, renewed the institution's commitment to service, particularly in the training task of this academic unit of UAP.

"The objective of these new offices of the COU is to complete the third stage of the infrastructure plan, which includes the external entrance to the building, the hall (which will also function as a waiting room), and the landscaping of the access area. In this way, patients, teachers, and students will be able to count on a broader and safer entrance. In addition, the signage that allows better logistics, movement, and identification of the center was completed. This also benefited the possibility of connecting the building with other arteries that make up the university campus. Once this stage was completed, it made it possible to relate laboratories, classrooms, and other [annexes] of this infrastructure that makes up the COU," said Dr. Escandriolo.

For her part, Dr. Beardsley-Hardy thanked God for the possibility of inaugurating this unit that welcomes many students and teachers of the Dentistry program. In addition, she emphasized the networking that the Adventist educational system has throughout the world, of which UAP is a part. During her address, she motivated those present to keep in mind the mission God entrusted to each one.

Having carried out the corresponding ribbon cutting, the leaders and public attendees present went to the hall of the building, where a collaboration agreement was signed between the five schools of Dentistry that the Adventist world higher education system has.