With a personalized box, a participant delivered pizza to one of the people visited by the group (Photo Credit: Maria Eduarda Piason)

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Unexpected delivery surprises young people who stopped going to church

Youth delivered pizzas, literature and prayed with friends in Chapecó, Santa Catarina

Brazil | Paulo Ribeiro

Seventh-day Adventist youth from Chapecó, Santa Catarina, had a unique idea to show how much they miss their friends who no longer attend church. Through a surprise delivery service, they delivered pizzas and literature to "customers". The social activity took place on the night of Saturday, January 30th.

All pizzas were prepared with a missing piece, and in the empty space a message was written: "You are the missing piece". The text is a reference to verse 5 of chapter 12 of the biblical book of Romans, which says: "So also in Christ we, who are many, form a body, and each member is connected to all others".

The action participants are part of the Calebe Mission project, which is why they called it the name of the Calebefood mobilization. Even the box that carried the food and literature was personalized with an official logo.


First, a couple arrived on a motorcycle to the “client's” house and said that there was a delivery. A few minutes later, other young people from the church came over to pray and talk with friends who stopped attending church meetings.

Maria Eduarda Piason, one of the organizers of the mission, explains the experience of carrying out the surprise solidarity act. “It was very special, since the preparation of the pizzas, the involvement of the Calebs and the happiness that we could see from people receiving and realizing that we miss them very much, that they are important to us and, especially, to God”, says Maria.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site