Pastor Linray Tutuo, Meri Vuloaloa, and Pastor Uili Tino at the book launch. [Photo Courtesy of Adventist Record]
Fiji | John Tausere

The Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) launched its first devotional book on Tuesday, February 1. 

There has been much anticipation and excitement from church members around the Pacific who have contributed devotional stories for the different days of the year. After the contributing writers sent in their devotional stories and testimonies, the project was sent to various editors around the South Pacific Division and then on to Signs Publishing in Warburton (Victoria) for final compilation, printing, and distribution.

Pastor Loleth Worwor, TPUM Family Life director, offered a dedicatory prayer over the boxes of books before they were shared with staff for distribution. 

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga, TPUM president, was excited to receive the books. “This is a project that will enrich our family worship as families start their day with spiritual thoughts from someone’s experience in the Pacific,” he said.

He invited each family around the Pacific to buy a copy for their household and a copy for another family for whom they are praying and to whom they are reaching out.

Copies are available at local missions throughout the TPUM and ABC shops around the region. They can also be ordered online on the Adventist Book Centre website.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record