[Photo Courtesy of the Northern-Asia Pacific Division]
South Korea | Choi Ho Young, NSD Youth Director

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) held its dedication ceremony for six young people in the fourth batch of Public Campus Ministries (PCM) on November 6, 2021, at Paju International Church. The PCM missionaries have volunteered to serve for one year in Taiwan. 

Kim SiYoung, NSD president, delivered the inspirational message and presented letters of appointment to the missionaries, encouraging and strengthening them with a mission spirit. Jeong KwanYu, a representative of the fourth batch, gave the dedication speech: “I am determined to serve God with pure principles, and I will devote myself to the Lord by purifying the temple of the heart and putting Christ in the heart. I look forward to seeking and praying and asking how the Lord will use us.” 

Richard Sabuin, NSD executive secretary, gave the dedication prayer for the missionaries. And afterward, families and guests joined in with blessings and encouragements.

The names of the fourth batch of PCM missionaries and their university majors are as follows: Park YoungJae (Theology), Jang SeongMin (Chinese), Jeong KwanYu (Semiconductor Equipment Design), Kim HaYeon (Early childhood Education), An HaYoung (Nursing), and Lee JiHyeon (Nursing). All six will be dispatched to Taiwan. 

Before they leave for their mission field, Pastor Choi HoYoung, NSD Youth and PCM Ministries director, and Pastor Kim HyunTae, Youth Ministries director of the Korean Union Conference (KUC), will provide intensive training at the NSD Leadership Training Center on Jeju Island. Then, in February 2022, the missionaries will be dispatched to their assigned mission fields and serve with Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM) pastors in Taiwan. They will strive to enhance campus mission through various activities, such as Korean language class, Bible class, and cultural programs.

Established under the Youth Ministries department of the General Conference, PCM serves non-Adventist colleges and universities with the purpose of providing activities on campus for Adventist college students. Among the 1,270 colleges and universities in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Mongolia, 447 Adventists are students in 48 non-Adventist universities. For example, in Korea, the Adventist Collegians with Tidings (ACT) club activities are represented by PCM. 

The NSD has also started a more specialized campus movement that dispatches student missionaries abroad, allowing them to dedicate one year to God. Since the first commissioning for PCM missionaries in 2019, there have been 39 young people from seven countries participating in this movement to Taiwan and Mongolia. And as of November 2021, there were 51 precious college students baptized by the grace of God and through missionaries’ efforts to preach the gospel.

Young people may have life-changing experiences on university campuses. Some of them leave the church and Christian faith while they are in college. Others may have an opportunity to grow their faith through activities such as campus missions. Furthermore, through the overseas PCM missionary movement, some of these Adventist youth could prepare to become leaders of the Adventist Church. We look forward to seeing flowers of campus missions blooming through various PCM activities all around the NSD territories.