The government of Minsk invited Adventists to hold Health Fair

People were able to learn about healthy lifestyles, their biological age and measure their lung volume.

Minsk, Belarus | Oksana Derkach

The city of Veterens Palace in Minsk had been asking the Adventist Church, through the Adventist and Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), to hold a health fair in the capitol city of Belarus. Finally their wish came true.

On March 15,  the silk ribbon, officially opening the health exhibition, was cut by the director of the Palace of Veterans. Afterwards. The director voiced welcoming words to both the administration and the Adventist volunteers gathered to participate in this public event.

There were so many people gathered in the small lobby, it could not accommodate everyone. The organizers were happy and encouraged to see not only women, but also men, participate in the health fair. One participate said, "It's all good, but only physical health for full-fledged happiness is not enough." After these words, he was kindly directed to the stand, Trust in God, where he received exhaustive answers to all his questions.

The Church had more than 50 registered participants come to the event. They passed stands with exhibits on the principles of healthy lifestyle and lined up to find out their biological age. Most of them, secretly wanting their passport information to be incorrect.

Visitors stayed at the "Nutrition" stand for a long time, asking many questions. Also, many people wanted to know the ratio of fat to body weight and measure their lung volume.

All participants were provided with the free newspapers "Keys to Health", and some visitors bought books on a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to volunteers, who are parishioners of the Adventist communities of Minsk for their active participation in the preparation and holding of this event. It is inspiring to see people who are so  willing to serve.