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The Bible Unites the Cities

Russia | Anna Baranchuk

Bible quizzes were held in the territory of the North Caucasus Mission, in which more than 120 children from 21 communities took part. The quizzes were held in three cities: Georgievsk, Nalchik, and Essentuki. For several months, the participants studied a particular book of the Bible, Acts, delving into the details of the life of the first Christian church.

After the traditional greeting, the teams received route sheets and set off to play a quest game with interesting and unusual tasks. In the quest at six stations, instructors from among the children's leaders, parents, and pastors helped.

The first two tasks pertained to knowledge of Bible verses. It was necessary to correlate each of the proposed texts with its index and vice versa.

The next task was creative. The task of the teams was to show a mini-sketch on one of the biblical stories proposed in advance, which is the closest and most understandable to them. Thus, the teams showed their knowledge of the book of the Acts.

A particularly interesting task awaited the participants at the Guess the Story station. Their attention was presented to the painting by the artist Rafael Santi, "Ananias and Sapphira". The participants did not know the name yet had to understand what kind of biblical story this picture illustrates. After they identified it, they had to learn practical lessons from this story for modern life and share them with the instructor.

Quite complex was the station dedicated to Paul's missionary travels. The teams answered questions by finding clues on the geographical maps of that period.

An unusual task of the quest was a meeting of teams with a person who seems to know nothing about God or the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Coming in from the street, he was interested in what was happening here and asked many questions. And the participants had to clearly articulate what and how they believe.

Then there were Bible questions in the format of a video with a blitz test and presentations. And at the end of the quiz, each of the teams presented a costumed scene showing their chosen story from the book of the Acts.

Upon successful completion of all the tests, the teams received "pearls". And at the end, all groups were awarded diplomas of participation in the Bible quiz and an educational board game of Christian themes.

After a delicious lunch, all the children, accompanied by adults, had the opportunity to walk around the sites of those cities where the quizzes were held.

Holding such events not only motivates young Christians to engage in a more in-depth study of the Holy Scriptures but also helps to strengthen friendly ties between them and, ultimately, their spiritual growth and salvation.

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