[Photo Courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]
Russia | Anna Belanovich, Information Department of the 2nd Community of Krasnoyarsk

On January 2nd, Seventh-day Adventists of the 2nd community of Krasnoyarsk gathered for their holiday program.

Despite the fact that we attend services together every Sabbath, many members reported the lack of fellowship gatherings. Meetings where, together with your brothers and sisters, you can sing together, play games, reflect on spirituality, and laugh heartily. This past year was full of worries and difficulties, and we wanted to brighten it up with a warm and sincere holiday, and, according to the guests, we succeeded!

The program was held in the style of a cafe - all the guests sat at their tables, which were literally bursting with treats prepared by skilled sisters.

In addition to the festive tables, the hosts of the program, Anna Kleinos and Anna Belanovich, involved adults and children in joyful communication through singing, participation in competitions and quizzes. Guests at the tables had the opportunity to share what memorable events happened in their lives in the past year, and then each table expressed a special New Year's wish for everyone. When the children went to a separate room to participate in the game program, adults got a special opportunity, which, as it turned out, many dream of, playing the bells. An ensemble of 14 quickly prepared and performed a piece of music. For all the guests, and there were about 90 of them, the organizers prepared memorable gifts - New Year's balls with Biblical promises, painted by the hands of our sisters.

We believe that this kind of informal fraternal fellowship brings the members of the church closer and helps them feel like part of a large and friendly family.

Everyone left with a lot of pleasant impressions, satisfied, joyful and in a great mood for the New Year 2022.

This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site.