Recording “The Open Word” It Is Written Bible study with Pastor Wes Pepper, Ben Garcia and Dakota Morgan. Photo credit: Provided by Strong Tower Radio

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Strong Tower Radio seeks to reach Battle Creek and Kalamazoo with the Everlasting Gospel

Working with pastors and churches in the Michigan Conference, Strong Tower Radio (STR) has signed an agreement to purchase two radio stations that will expand their listener base.

United States | Kam Ferguson, Development director, Strong Tower Radio

Strong Tower Radio (STR) is praising God for His providential leading in the historic Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States, area after signing an agreement to purchase two radio stations presently operated by Calvary Radio Network.

The full power (6kW) station broadcasts from a well-situated tower in Richland, Michigan. The tower’s location enables coverage to both the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo regions with a total potential listener base exceeding 450,000. The purchase includes an FM translator which extends broadcast coverage further south and west. 

Strong Tower Radio is an independent, supportive radio and TV ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with offices located in Cadillac. By God’s grace, soon nearly half a million more can hear the everlasting gospel clearly proclaiming God’s character of love. 

Starting with one station in Cadillac, in 2009, God has grown this listener-supported ministry to one TV station, twelve radio stations, and, beginning June 2020, online streaming at

How did we discover the availability of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo stations? STR doesn’t hunt for growth opportunities, relying instead on the Holy Spirit’s providential guidance. We found out about these stations and began exploring to see how God would lead. We reviewed the coverage maps, worked with area pastors to further confirm actual broadcast reach, then met with many area pastors to gauge interest in these stations. The pastors were supportive, and multiple church boards also expressed interest that STR acquire the stations. Several lead donors stepped forward with generous gifts — so far, totaling $36,000 of the needed $175,000 — and STR signed the purchase agreement.

Pastor Moise Ratsara of the Kalamazoo church shared that one morning in prayer he was particularly convicted that “God wants these stations to become part of STR and reach the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo areas with the Three Angels messages.” 

God continues to work through STR to proclaim His character and people are responding.

One listener recently called from Traverse City, and shared that his family has been listening to STR for just a few weeks. He said that everything they’ve heard aligns with the Bible. This searching family has several Protestant faith traditions in their background, and they are making changes right now. The husband requested to meet with a local pastor he’d heard on STR to discuss questions personally and commented, “We’re not Seventh-day Adventists yet, but it looks like that’s the direction we’re headed.”

A Lansing, Mich., listener of nine months recently made his first visit to the Seventh-day Adventist church near him. He was introduced to STR’s broadcast when he walked into his home from being out on the patio. When he heard the familiar STR station identification refrain, “Where God’s character is proclaimed,” he wondered what it meant. He’d never heard that before and didn’t know how his radio dial had adjusted to that station. 

This experience has happened numerous times involving STR broadcasts, as we believe angels move the dial to help souls searching for truth. This listener had just begun studying the Bible for the first time, and God is now providing further guidance through STR.

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