Staff of the Southern Ghana Union Conference in a pose with some local community members after the launch [Photo Courtesy of the Southern Ghana Union Conference]
Ghana | Southern Ghana Union Conference Communication Department

Office staff and directors of the Southern Ghana Union Conference (SGUC) will, in March 2022, organize an evangelistic campaign to plant a church in one of its conferences. 

This is part of the strategic plan of the SGUC to rally staff to plant one church a year in an unentered community.

The programme was launched last December in the Okwabena community of the Pioneer Ghana Conference by Chris Lambert, Personal Ministries director of the union.

“In 2022, union staff will plant a church in a community where there is no Adventist church. We choose Okwabena in the Bawjiase District of the Central region because, though the church established an Adventist school in the town in the 80s, various attempts at making members have proved futile.”

Dubbed “Okwabena for Christ,” the evangelistic campaign will be led by a union worker and supported by all staff. Present at the launch were some members of the SGUC staff; Richard Ntriakwa, president of the Pioneer Conference; and some members of the community.

As part of the launch, various items, including books, clothing, food, water, and cooking utensils, were donated to needy people in the community. A visit was also paid to the chief of the town, and some book donations were made to him. The chief commended the church for contributing to the development of the community through education and said he was an alumni of the school. He gave his full support for the campaign.