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Social Media Post Leads to Baptism: A Digital Journey to Faith

Mario Bracho and his family’s search for Bible truth is prompted by a photo on Facebook

Philippines | Nadeth Quinto

In a world where social media dominates people’s interactions, sometimes, unexpectedly, a lengthy page scroll leads to profound connections. Meet Pepito and Lhyne Guisando, a spirited couple from Bohol, Philippines, whose online presence became a beacon of faith for a friend in need.

It all started with a Facebook post: a simple snapshot of Pepito and Lhyne dressed in coordinated outfits, accompanied by uplifting Bible verses. Little did they know their digital showcase of faith would spark a life-changing connection with Mario Bracho, a man grappling with trials in Manila.

"Every Sabbath, we make it a point to share a post featuring our family. It's our way of inviting others into our sacred day, showcasing how we cherish our time together and infuse it with love and joy," explained Lhyne. "Little did we realize the impact a simple post could have on someone else's life. It opened the door for us to share the message of Jesus in a meaningful way."

Mario stumbled upon their posts during a particularly challenging moment in his life. Drawn to the Guisando’s unwavering faith and positivity, he reached out to Lhyne, igniting a conversation that would alter the course of his spiritual journey.

"They're not just friends; they're an inspiration. Whenever I come across their posts, there's an undeniable sense of something special. It's like a spark of curiosity ignites within me, urging me to seek out the same joy and fulfillment I see radiating from their family," Mario shared.

Their exchanges ventured to the roots of Adventist beliefs, with Mario's curiosity piqued by discussions on the significance of the Sabbath. With Lhyne's guidance and a plethora of online resources, Mario and his family embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring the tenets of Seventh-day Adventism.

As they delved deeper, Mario and his family found solace and purpose within the walls of their local Seventh-day Adventist church. Immersed in Scripture study and surrounded by a supportive community, they experienced a transformation that transcended their digital interactions.

On a heart-stirring December day in 2023, Mario, his wife, Irma, and daughter, Ermalyn, publicly affirmed their commitment to Christ through baptism. Surrounded by loved ones and newfound friends, they embraced a new chapter guided by faith and fellowship.

For Pepito and Lhyne, their joy knew no bounds as they witnessed their digital connection blossom into a profound friendship grounded in faith. The Guisandos and the Brachos' bond remained unbreakable despite the distance between them, thanks to online communication and unwavering support.

Their story is a testament to the power of social media to bridge hearts and minds, leading souls on a journey of spiritual awakening and renewal. Their story serves as a reminder that, despite the digital noise, genuine connections and life-changing encounters are available to those who seek them in a world where screens are frequently the dominant presence.

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