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Seventh-day Adventist students honor public cleaning professionals

Activity of Adventist college students in Florianópolis noted professionals who work in public cleaning of the capital of Santa Catarina.

Santa Catarina, Brazil | Daniel Gonçalves

Seventh-day Adventist students took time recently to remember public cleaning professionals in one Brazilian city, noting that not everyone can work remotely during a pandemic.

In Florianópolis, the company that manages this service is Companhia Melhoramento da Capital (COMCAP), which today has 1,700 employees, including people in the administrative and external operations.

The Adventist College of Florianópolis - Centro Unit (CAF-C) carried out an external action with its students on Thursday, September 3, at COMCAP headquarters. “The action started many days before, with the making of letters in honor of these professionals. One way to support these men and women who go to great lengths to keep the city clean. Students from kindergarten, elementary school and high school participated,” said project coordinator professor Josiane Souza.


In the delivery of the letters,a smaller group of students, together with some teachers from the school, was in front of COMCAP to deliver the correspondence. It was 7 pm when the students began their tribute. The night shift was about to start. “Know that if it weren't for the pandemic, we would have a choir here to honor you. But know that here in this bag there are letters from children who pray for you when you pass by their house,” said school pastor Miquéas Ferreira.

“There is a change in the population's view of waste collection and us professionals. This example of gratitude gives us an extra boost for people to have hope in society. Hope in this society that we do public cleaning, regardless of the look we are seen. May this love spread throughout the city. The family here at COMCAP thanks you,” said one employee.

“Adventist education goes far beyond curriculum teaching. I think one sentence sums it up: serving is our mission. And this tribute is a way of bringing love to others,” said teacher Souza.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site