Some dishes from the vegetarian restaurant. [Photo Credit: Nicolás Acosta]

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Seventh-day Adventist restaurant renews its image and gets ready for an opening

The restaurant is located in Temuco, Chile, and is an initiative of the Adventist Church in the region.

Chile | Nicolás Acosta

Since its inception, Infusion Hope has been a space recognized by the Temuco community in Chile. It is a healthy food restaurant that is strategically placed along the most commercial avenue of Temuco in order to stand out in the southern gastronomic market. Infusion Hope is focused on promoting vegetarian food and a healthy life in tune with our Lord. It is a place that goes beyond offering a hot drink or a plate of food; Infusion Hope aims to offer hope in Jesus.

As defined on their website, they “are a non-profit vegetarian restaurant of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, created with the purpose of inspiring and teaching others to lead a healthier lifestyle. We believe that eating healthy is vital to be able to keep in touch with God. We like to enjoy life and share hope. Here, you will always be welcome ”.

In recent weeks, the vegetarian restaurant has been remodeled in several ways in order to have a renewed space for its guests, who have not been able to personally visit due to the measures typical of these pandemic times.

We spoke with Felipe Riffo, part of the Infusión Hope team, who commented on some of the changes, starting with the logo.

“Although the logo was very beautiful, it was very representative of the church […] it gave the impression that it was more of [....] a “cafeteria ”, but actually everything is done in-house. The premises and the range of products [since we first opened] have grown a lot; we prepare and serve breakfasts, lunches, pastries, and we have a bakery. We wanted to make a new logo that [was more representative of] a restaurant with a wide range of food products ”.

“[We] decided to [have] a logo with bright colors, to capture the attention of people who do not eat meat, which is [our] target audience."

For the rest, the remodeling is also a pursuit of a revaluation of its products that are part of the menu. "The menu had a price increase due to the tremendous training that was carried out for the Infusion Hope team. We added new food items with much better quality, bigger portions, and overall better preparation.” 

Infusion Hope has also undergone changes in its physical building. The paint and colors have changed to be more uplifting and the terrace has also been remodeled. 

Infusion Hope has renovated and upgraded this healthy food space in order to captivate its customers with their diversity of products at the end of the pandemic, when God allows it.

In the meantime, you can experience Infusion Hope through delivery services such as Order Now, Uber Eats, and Rappi.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site