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Erica Pereira de Morais

Erica Pereira de Morais

The intriguing question "Who is behind intelligent design?" brought the Adventist community from different parts of Cyprus to Nicosia on Sabbath, 14 May 2022. Timothy Standish, senior scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute (GRI), shared impressive scientific findings affirming the complexity and precision of design in nature. Through a sequence of captivating lectures, he attested to the existence of our intentional Creator.

According to Standish, "Religion is empty and delusional without a firm faith in the Creator of life. Although we discover evidence of God's design and creative power using the methods of science, scientific findings, with their changeable interpretations, should not form the foundation of our faith in the Creator. Science may sometimes provide reassurance, at other times raise questions, but ultimately, our faith should be based on the unchanging Word of God." He encouraged attendees to look at the first angels' message in Revelation 14:6–7 from a new perspective and proclaim it with greater zeal. 

This programme was spearheaded by Dr Bruno Barbosa, who himself journeyed from being an atheist scientist to a dedicated Christian missionary. Barbosa holds a doctorate in energy and bioenergy and previously worked as an assistant professor, participating in four post-doctoral research appointments. Together with his wife, Erica, an environmental engineer, they presently serve in Larnaca, Cyprus, as a missionary couple sponsored by Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS). 

From personal experience, Barbosa understands how the theory of evolution, which is taught as the only and unquestionable theory of origins in many schools and universities, affects us all. The theory directly contradicts the biblical account of creation, declared in Genesis and repeated throughout the rest of Scripture. The existence of the Creator is denied, and the role of Jesus as the Saviour of the world is made obsolete. 

Barbosa claims, "Everyone deserves to hear about intelligent design as an evidence-based scientific theory, but it is just another theory without introducing those who are interested in the evidence to the Creator God revealed in the Bible." Therefore, the plans are already in place to use public lectures advertised through social media to share the complex and specific laws and processes in God's creation. This, in turn, should lead attendees to God and strengthen confidence in the Holy Scriptures. 

On this special Sabbath, when these plans were laid before church members in Cyprus, attendees were encouraged to talk about God's creation and walk in it, too. Following the programme, the majority participated in an 8-km walk along the Pedieos River, enjoying the beauty of the local habitat and the joy of fellowship.

Cyprus is also committed to joining GRI in the annual General Conference worldwide Creation Sabbath programme on 22 October 2022. Your church can participate, too:

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