Photo Courtesy of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division
South Korea | Sahmyook University/Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Sahmyook University begins a new semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic with the Feast of Prayer, which will fill the entire semester with prayers for overcoming the crisis. Organized by the Office of Chaplain Affairs, the “Special 150-day Noon Prayer Feast” is to be held until July 31, 2021.

Throughout the semester, for ten minutes, right before noon, all professors and staff members meditate on a reading specially produced by the Office of Chaplain Affairs, followed by individual or group prayers in their respective departments or offices. Issues about which they will pray include mission revival, the growth of donation culture within the university, and the government-run evaluation for higher education restructuring. 

Additionally, Sahmyook University also held the “United Early Morning Prayer Week for the New Semester” for five days, March 1–5, 2021. The meetings began at 5:50 a.m. each day at the main sanctuary of Sahmyook University Church and were live-streamed on the university’s YouTube channel. 

“I believe that the moment we realize our weakness and vulnerability is when we need to turn back to our God,” said Kim WonGon, head chaplain of Chaplain Affairs. “I sincerely hope that the entire Sahmyook community will come together and pray and experience the power of our Almighty God this year.”