Newly established Philippine Publishing House located in Aguinaldo Highway, Silang, Cavite, Philippines. [Photo courtesy to Vinz Matias.]
Philippines | Edward Rodriguez, SSD Communication Department

Who would have thought that a makeshift press in a broken-down stall would become one of Asia’s largest Adventist publishing houses? One century and eight years later, established on a foundation of faith and passion, prodded by its rich history of fruitful ministry, and amidst the hurdles and challenges of the time, the Philippine Publishing House (PPH) officially moved to its new home in Silang, Cavite, Philippines on January 19, 2022.

“After years of planning and construction, our dream has finally become a reality,” Incumbent president, Florante Ty, said. “At first, the challenge seemed to be insurmountable, but I was reminded that nothing is impossible with the Lord,” Ty added.

Faced by the worldwide pandemic situation, the inauguration program was held both virtually and onsite. Adventist leadership from the division, the three Philippine unions, Literature Ministry Seminaries, and literature evangelists joined the dedication ceremony of the new publishing facility.

The inauguration holds a special place in the hearts of those who attended, as the House stands as a witness of thousands of success stories and miracles which happened in the lives of those who were made instruments to touch and be touched by the publishing work. 

In his welcome message, Ty expressed his utmost gratitude to those who supported and believed in the publishing work. What seemed to be an impossible feat has turned out to be an opportunity to highlight God’s generosity and providence throughout this project.

“There is still a lot of work to be done. The work is not yet finished. There will always be challenges, but the Philippine Publishing House will continue to publish books, [so] that more people will get to know [about Jesus’ love and His] soon return,” Ty exclaimed. “The Lord’s work shouldn’t be hindered because of human factors. The Lord is generous. God provides,” Ty added. 

Samuel Saw, president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and a believer of the publishing work’s movement and effectivity, articulated his astonishment at what faith can do in the Lord’s work. Saw reiterates that as we place our faith in the hands of the One who completes the work, nothing and no one, can be against us, referring to God’s wisdom and guidance in the establishment of the new PPH building. 

“Let us keep going, let us keep moving and conquering. Whether the outlook seems promising or discouraging, wherever God takes us, whatever He asks of us, whomever He chooses to lead us, we will continue to serve,” Saw expressed.

Twelfth PPH Constituency Meeting

After a successful inauguration and plant tour organized for the attending delegates and guests, the Philippine Publishing House proceeded to its 12th PPH Constituency Meeting. The House’s constituency meeting is held every five years, however, due to the pandemic, the meeting was rescheduled until finally, it was held today in sync with the new building’s inauguration.

Ty, who has served as PPH President for 16 years, expressed his decision to retire and let the younger generations lead PPH. Alongside Ty, who decided to pass the baton to the next set of visionaries, areRey Balboa, human resource director and assistant marketing director; and Atemio Jimenez vice-president for finance. 

Several leaders from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, Philippine Publishing House, North Philippine Union Conference, Central Philippine Union Conference, South Philippine Union Conference, and representatives from local missions and conferences attended the meeting.

After ardent prayers by the PPH nominating committee and delegates, elected individuals were finally named to lead the Philippine Publishing House. 

The newly elected leaders of the Philippine Publishing House were dedicated and prayed for by division and union leaders as they set out to perform their new task for this new quinquennium. [Photo courtesy to Mamerto Guingguing II.]

The newly elected leaders of the Philippine Publishing House were dedicated and prayed for by division and union leaders as they set out to perform their new task for this new quinquennium. [Photo courtesy to Mamerto Guingguing II.]

The newly-elected Philippine Publishing House officers are: Leonardo Heyasa, Jr., president; Joel Silva, vice-president for finance; Gomer Vistal, vice-president for marketing; Carlito Quidet, Jr., vice-president for Editorial Services; Elbert Esperanzate, vice-president for operation for HHES & ABC; and Jose Bruel, vice-president of production.

A Seven-Year Journey

Invested in prayers and in a dream to have the House relocated in a strategic location, PPH leadership decided to acquire a 2.5-hectare land in Cavite, Philippines that could accommodate its back office and production.

In 2015, after a successful acquisition of the land, PPH administrators, office, and production staff organized the groundbreaking of the new location.

After the 11th PPH Constituency meeting where Ty was re-elected as president, the House focused on reinventing strategies to market PPH products and encourage partners to be involved even more in the publishing ministry. Various international events were organized, opening more avenues for the House to be recognized in Asia and other parts of the world. 

These opportunities paved the way for PPH’s gradual growth to financial independence, jump-starting the construction of the new building. 

In October 2018, the construction officially started. Challenges to sustaining the construction until the date of its completion were a major concern to the committee, however, through prayers and hard work, the construction proceeded and was finally completed. Today it is finally inaugurated and dedicated to the Lord for the mission.

The Philippine Publishing House, in its new home, will continue the mission to circulate books, magazines, and other reading and teaching resources through its 94 workers, 25 branches, and approximately 3,000 literature evangelists all over the Philippines. With its new facility, it is open to exploring opportunities for modern digital evangelism to send God’s message to every household.

The Philippine Publishing House is more than just an establishment. It is an instrument built for people preparing for heaven and preparing people for heaven.

For more information about Philippine Publishing House's new facility. Please watch this video.

This article was originally published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site.