South America, Hope Channel

Peruvian viewer begins keeping the Sabbath after watching Hope Channel TV.

Adventist station makes it easy to study the Bible

Lima, Peru | Rosmery Sánchez, South American Division News

Sometimes it seems that life goes in a straight line. However, there are situations that can change the course and send us in the opposite direction.

“Hope Channel is an angel of God that flies through the air to reach homes, and it taught me great things that changed my life,” Isidoro Urrubari shares as he prepares for a short interview at Hope Channel Peru headquarters in Lima, Peru.

He remembers that one day he was flipping through television channels, when suddenly his attention was caught by a preaching about the life of the apostle Paul. “I left it there—an hour, two hours, three hours—watching several programs, one after the other. I liked the songs, the messages, and all the programming of Hope Channel,” he says, with emotion.

Urrubari lived all his life keeping Sunday as the Sabbath, because that was what he was taught when he was a child. “I was born in a home where Sundays were our Sabbath. However, Hope Channel TV showed me that Saturday is the seal of God and that is written in the Bible,” he declares.

Accepting this biblical truth has not been easy for Urrubari. Four years have past since he discovered Hope Channel TV and now he only wishes to learn more about the Bible. “When I heard about Saturday and other topics such as lifestyle, I was very confused—not only with the Sabbath, but also with my faith,” he says. “But, after studying the Bible with the TV programs, I discovered by myself that it was all true. I didn’t have other choice but to accept it,” he expresses, smiling.

Today, Urribari is studying the Bible through Bible studies offered by Hope Channel Peru. He makes every situation an opportunity to share with others what he learns from the Bible. “Sometimes we live believing only in what we hear, but the best thing is to read the Bible, because there we will find salvation. Keep delivering this divine message. Now I am also Hope Channel,”he says.