Humanitarian support in the Peruvian jungle through emergency flights [Photo Credit: Comunicaciones Perú Projects]

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Peru Projects Continues to Bring Hope to the Peruvian Jungle

Currently, there are 27 missionaries serving in 67 communities with an Adventist presence.

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In fulfilling its mission and support of the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Peru Projects continues to serve through its various programs with the purpose of reaching the most remote communities of the Peruvian jungle.

Within the activities of the Peru Projects air program, emergency calls from communities located in areas of difficult access solicit response. Recently, two pregnant women from the communities of Atalaya and Bolognesi (Ucayali, Peru) were transferred to the city of Pucallpa to receive urgent medical attention due to pregnancy complications that put them at risk.

Peru Projects, through its mission planes, Cessna 182 and Anfibio Lake Renegade 250, carry out emergency flights. It should be noted that the latter aircraft is in the process of installing and inspecting its new engine to rejoin the activities of the program.

Likewise, the evangelism program supports the work in the Mission of the Peruvian East (MOP), one of the offices of the Adventist Church, and this year has young missionaries serving in the communities in the interior of the jungle. "Currently, there are 27 missionaries serving in 67 communities with an Adventist presence. Of course, there are still thousands more that have yet to be reached," said Pastor Eben Ezer Espinosa, pilot and president of Peru Projects.

Hope for More People

In addition, during the month of May, projects such as "Productos Perú Projects" were developed. This is an initiative that promotes healthy eating through integral bakery products and has the purpose of supporting the missionaries who serve in the interior of the jungle.

Likewise, the construction of the future Centro de Vida Sana progresses significantly. This building will be part of the project that will promote healthy habits, offer natural treatments to strengthen health, and promote disease prevention through healthy principles. With these actions, Peru Projects continues to carry a message of hope and provide help to the most remote communities in the Peruvian jungle.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site