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Pathfinders from Ghana Trek 156 Miles to Camporee as Part of Solidarity Initiative

Traditional journey by foot raises funds for orphans

Abraham Bakari
Photo credit: West-Central Africa Division

Photo credit: West-Central Africa Division

Henry Smith, a member of Adventist Youth Ministries, together with Pathfinders Millicent Anna Stella Asane and Lawrence Manful, completed a four-day, 156-mile walk from Takoradi to the Valley View University campus in Oyibi, Accra, Ghana. Their destination was the fourth West-Central Africa Division (WAD) Dream Pathfinder Camporee, which took place from December 24–30, 2023.

The group set off on December 21 and arrived at the Camporee on Christmas day. Their arrival, after a lengthy journey, was met with a warm welcome from over 8,000 participants, including Youth leaders from the General Conference and the Division. This walk, a tradition since 1996 led by Smith, is a fundraising effort for orphans. Adu Gyamfi, the Adenta District Youth director in Accra, mentioned that Smith makes the journey to each campsite to raise funds. This year, he was accompanied by two fellow Pathfinders.

Upon reaching the campus, the trio was greeted by a police escort and youth band. The WAD Youth Ministries department honored them with special recognition and awards. The journey, paralleling Joseph's trek to Egypt, added depth to the Camporee, especially during the evening dramas about Joseph's life and Pastor Busi Khumalo's speeches.

Pastor Alfred Asiem, WAD Youth Ministries director, discussed the biblical journey of Joseph and the Camporee's emphasis on fellowship, socialization, spiritual renewal, and revival.

Dr. Sessou Selom, WAD's executive secretary, in his opening speech, focused on Joseph's story, discussing its relevance to purpose-driven lives and the role of young people in the church.


Pastor Busi Khumalo, General Conference Youth director, highlighted the Camporee as a time for learning, networking, and spiritual growth. Irvine Gwatiringa, Youth director for the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division, led the early morning devotions throughout the week.

Participants like Anike, who enjoyed the opening fireworks, and Alvin, from Liberia, who admired the camp's beauty, shared their experiences. Lia Farhane Allah-Ridy, from Chad, expressed her excitement and anticipation for future Camporees.

Security was a priority. Apart from minor transport and border issues, the Camporee was successful, ending with a collective expression of gratitude to God.

Pastor Asiem noted, “By the grace of God, we have not registered any casualty, any accident. Our vision was achieved.”

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