Pathfinders and Adventurers Clubs Said to God "I Will Go"
Russia | Daniil Kara, head of the department of information and media services of the Emmanuel community, Tiraspol

On December 11, 2021, in the Emmanuel community of Tiraspol, a solemn, divine service was held, which was conducted by the John the Baptist Pathfinders Club . The Pathfinders and Adventurers clubs from Dnestrovsk became the guests of the community this Sabbath.

In this service, special attention was paid to the glorification of God through singing. Pastor Oleg Popeskul's message was addressed to everyone present, with an invitation to, despite the crisis that surrounds us, respond to the call of God, as the prophet Isaiah answered: “Here I am, send me”.

On this day, in Tiraspol, a new Adventurers club was opened, which was named Luchiki (English, “rays [of light]”). Three children became members of the club, of which two were ordained this Sabbath.

It is worth noting that the Pathfinders club has been replenished with one more student. All three were ordained members of the club; they tied ties as a symbol of involvement in the club, and all this was done by Svetlana Bashmakova, head of the UMC club ministry.

Together with Oleg Popeskul, pastor of the local church, Bashmakova performed the dedication service. After the presentation of all the gifts and congratulations in honor of the opening of the club and the admission of new students, Popeskul made a call to the Pathfinders who had not yet made a covenant with God. Children wishing to follow Christ declared, "Here I am, send me." There were more than ten such people.



After a fellowship lunch, there was a social outing, when all the clubs were organized and went out to the city center, distributing balloons with words of hope and encouragement. The people whom they met on the way willingly accepted and thanked them. And then our Pathfinders, by their actions, declared, "I will go." After the children returned from the social action, they had the opportunity to participate in the Bible quiz,. along with mentors and parents.

The Sabbath ended beautifully: the clubs with mentors went to the city center to glorify God by singing psalms. Young people sang songs with a guitar. Passers-by stopped, took pictures, and recorded videos, and someone sang along with them.

This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site