Pathfinder Club, Not Deterred by Coronavirus, Continues to Meet Virtually

South American Division

Pathfinder Club, Not Deterred by Coronavirus, Continues to Meet Virtually

Ministries | Ecuador | Vanessa Castro/Shounny Cruz

The Northern Ecuadorian Mission Pathfinders haven’t allowed the pandemic to stop them from honing their skills, gifts and talents.

The Northern Ecuadorian Mission Pathfinders Club has not allowed the coronavirus pandemic to impede their activities this year, instead focusing on becoming future leaders and upright citizens. The "Mi Casa Mi Club" program plans virtual activities in a way that each member will be able to reinforce their skills, gifts, and talents for service to others.

On Sunday, June 28, around 2, 000 Pathfinders from all over north Ecuador joined an interactive online broadcast of “Mi Casa Mi Club” on the Northern Ecuadorian Mission Facebook page and other social media outlets. 

One of the guests on the show was Udolcy Zukowski, director of Pathfinders and Adventurers for the Adventist Church in South America. Zukowski encouraged young people and adolescents to stay in the ministry and continue to be with Jesus, even in the midst of the current world situation. 

The special edition of the “Mi Casa Mi Club” project featured prizes, competitions, and pictures of clubs that continue to have regular meetings and activities virtually. 

What is Pathfinder Club?

The Pathfinders Club is an organization that includes boys and girls ranging from 10 to 15 years old. They meet once a week to develop talents, abilities, perceptions and a taste for nature. The Pathfinders are present in more than 160 countries, with 90,000 venues and more than two million participants. They have existed legally since 1950 as an official program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site