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Russia | Sergey Lozovskiy, Director, Information Department, of the Far Eastern Union of Churches Mission, Russian Federation

How nice it is to see and know that God answers our prayers! When, at the end of September, the Week of Revival and Prayer was held in all the communities of the Far East, members of the church in Khabarovsk also gathered together to pray for needs, serve others, and hear the preaching of the gospel. A special request to the Lord was a prayer for our children. 

Without exception, all parents want salvation for their children, but as life shows, desire alone is not enough. "The Lord began to answer our prayers, acting through ourselves," the parents said collectively. "He prompted us to begin a dedicated ministry to the children and adolescents of the community.”

Several parenting meetings were held during the month following the revival week. Pathfinder club directors and mentors were selected from among young people and parents. The composition of the Adventurers club has been formed. All the children were assigned to the steps, and a date was set for the start of club classes. It was decided to name the Pathfinder club "The Rock" and the Adventurers Club "Spark".

Then came November 6, a special day for all. The first orientation session for the clubs, with the participation of parents, was held on the premises of the house of prayer. The guys rehearsed for a long time to show how to go out to build, carry the flag, pronounce the promise and the law, and sing the club's anthem. Even the smallest ones were very actively involved in the ministry and marched like everyone else.

After the formation, all those present were shown videos about the club ministry in the Far East. There are not so many clubs on our territory, but they exist and develop where parents and church ministers put their hearts into it.

The second part of the program included a quest. Therefore, the parents took a place at the stations, and the children, distributed in teams, were happy to perform this or that task. And the event ended in the canteen, where hot tea and delicious cakes and biscuits added to the good impression of the organized service.

“More than 20 children were able to attend the first orientation session of the clubs. But there are still children who could not come that day. Together with our mentors and parents, we have a responsible job of scheduling and planning all club events. In two months, there will be a dedication of children and mentors, but for now, we are working so that we have a uniform, emblems, and all the paraphernalia,” said Anna Lozovskaya, director of the Pathfinder club, as she shared her plans.

“The most important thing is that our children got involved in this ministry. And we ourselves felt that we can serve, we can be needed by children in their spiritual upbringing,” one of the parents said after the meeting.

We wish the clubs in our city will develop actively because this is the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy that before the second coming, the Lord “will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi. 4:6, NKJV).

This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site