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There are some amazing books out there about biblical creation, but there are also some weird ones. How do you find those that are worth reading and avoid those that promote strange ideas or unbiblical positions? There is no better place to look than the diverse catalogue of creation books published and distributed by Pacific Press Publishing Association. And the good news is that these exceptional books are now easier to get than ever.


“We knew that Creation Sabbath was coming, so [we] decided to go through our catalog of books to collect all those about creation in one easy-to-access place,” says Stephen Ertel, director of electronic marketing at Pacific Press. “That turned out to be an impressive collection, all pulled together into a one-stop shop for everything from children’s books to scholarly books for theologians and scientists.” The collection is now available at AdventistBookCenter.com/Creation.


“Church members, young and old, are being bombarded on every side with an evolutionary worldview,” says Dale Galusha, president of Pacific Press. “Many are asking questions about origins and looking for resources—for themselves or to share with others. Supporting the global Creation Sabbath is a time of reaffirmation of God’s creation. Pacific Press has many resources to increase understanding and faith in God as our Creator.”


“I’m excited to see what Pacific Press is doing,” says Dr. Timothy Standish, senior scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute. “Making access to high-quality materials on creation easy models how different Adventist entities can work together in spreading the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14:6–7, with worship of the Creator at its core. As the Geoscience Research Institute has worked to produce high-quality resources about creation, Pacific Press has been one of our publishers of choice. Their commitment to getting great materials into the hands of those who are looking for them illustrates just one reason why.”


Pacific Press Publishing Association was established by James White in 1874, with the ambitious goal of spreading the gospel to the world. For 147 years, they have published many influential books and magazines, ranging from books authored by Ellen and James White to Signs of the Times magazine, which is still in print. 

“Challenges have always been there,” says Ertel, “but the opportunities for publishers today would have been unimaginable to those who started Pacific Press. Distribution using the internet is just one of those opportunities, and having a collated collection of books on a given topic—creation—makes accessing them that much easier.”


Creation Sabbath, slated for October 23, is an annual celebration on the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s calendar of special days. It is designated as the fourth Sabbath (Saturday) of every October and open to all people who wish to worship the Creator God. More information can be found at creationsabbath.net.