JA Camp "Beyond the Mountain" of the Southern Peruvian Union (Photo: UPS Communications)

South America

Over 10,000 Youth Prepare to Be Volunteers in Peru and Other Countries

Young people from southern Peru attended the "Beyond the Mountain" Youth Camp, which aimed to prepare them for service to others.

Peru | Liseht Santos

A large number of people could be seen from August 30–September 3, 2023, after the development of the "Beyond the Mountain" Youth Camp at the San Pedro de Ancón Zonal Park in Lima, Peru. The event was organized by the Youth Ministries Department of the South Peru Union (UPS) of Seventh-day Adventists.

With the objective of training more young people so they can be missionaries wherever God calls them—whether in their city, within their country, or abroad—and giving continuity to the preaching of the Gospel, this camp brought together more than 10,000 people from the coast, highlands, and jungle regions of southern Peru.

The delegations received special training for evangelistic mission through seminars, national and international Adventist volunteer programs, and the presentation of the Bible study series 28 Jewels of Adventist Youth. They also enjoyed entertainment activities in a large infrastructure with a mega swimming pool, ecological areas, dining rooms, a market, etc.

During the camp days, the mornings, afternoons, and evenings featured live concerts by Duo Zimrah (Argentina), Duo Dulce Alabanza (Colombia), Daniel Castro (Peru), Karen Cruzado (Peru), and Keyla Guerrero (Peru), among others. In addition, the cast of the JASS Ministry performed a staging with biblical messages.

Pastor Joel Flores, an evangelist for Nuevo Tiempo, preached some stellar messages during the nights. Pastor Sósthenes Andrade, Youth director for the North Brazil Union, and Pastor Eduardo Lucas, a missionary in India, were among those in charge of the seminars.

Launching of Caleb Mission 2024

With the presence of church leaders, the launching of Caleb Mission 2024 took place; in a ceremony, the young people of southern Peru showed their commitment and excitement for the new edition of this great campaign. [We share some images of this event:]

Investiture of Youth Leaders and Volunteers

"Salvation and Service" was the motto that motivated 190 pastors, administrators, and young people to be invested as new Youth Ministries leaders. Also, 176 youth registered for Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS); 192 youth registered for the One Year in Mission (OYIM) program; more than 100 youth pre-registered for the 1000 Missionary Movement program; and more than 100 youth signed up for the Peru Project.

Friends of Hope are Baptized

As a result of this great journey, 304 people were touched by the Holy Spirit and decided to be baptized. In the midst of a sea of people, the new members of the Church were received with much joy. [Below we share some pictures:]

The South Peru Union leads actions and keeps praying for more youth and adults to continue sharing the Gospel—Together and connected!

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Spanish-language news site.