New coloring book for adults helps spiritual creativity

Coloring book created by TED Women’s Ministries department also includes for lessons about women in the Bible.

St Albans, England | Victor Hulbert, communication director, Trans-European Division

Do you ever find yourself doodling around the edges of your meeting notes? Perhaps you even find your accidental art work helps you concentrate. That is the rationale behind a coloring book for adults released by the Women’s Ministries department of the Trans-European Division.

Based around a set of 14 lessons entitled, ‘Women in the Bible and me’, the coloring books help spark creativity while studying God’s Word. 

The lessons can be used individually, or in a small group Bible Study setting. They can also be used as an outreach tool. However, the coloring books add a new dimension, something that is making Clair Sanches-Schutte, TED Women and Children’s Ministries director very excited.

“Did you know that you take in more information while you are coloring? “Listening and coloring at the same time helps you use both sides of your brain which has many benefits,” she says. “This may be while you are in the group Bible study, but you could be listening to a podcast, or in a whole variety of situations.” 

While the book is a Women’s Ministries initiative Clair has been surprised by how many men also like to join in – including in her own family. What is the reason?

“There are so many benefits to coloring,” she enthuses. “It can relieve stress and anxiety, spark our God given gift of creativity, and even help us to focus while listening to others.”

She also notes that while we often color individually it can be a social event, even in terms of sharing our varied results with each other.

In exercising the mind, Clair notes that “Creative coloring can also help us to grow spiritually, as Christians. As you color and consider what you are coloring, it can open up a whole new world in Bible Study for you. It can help you to focus on what you have read and what you are hearing.” 

But don’t just take her word for it, get hold of a set for yourself – or for someone you love, and give it a try. Visit the TED Women’s Ministries page for prices and how to order.