Pastor Ted Wilson, translated by Pastor Edwin Gulfan, and Paul Cruz doing the sign language [Photo Courtesy of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division]
Philippines | Mamerto M. Guingguing II, SSD Communications

The digital evangelism initiative of the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) pulled off another milestone as baptisms reached an unprecedented record of 28,784 since the online campaign started! Live mass baptisms from all over the territory of SPUC were aired by Hope Channel South Philippines on November 20th, 2021. This online evangelism initiative, dubbed ‘My Journey With God 2.0,’ is a sequel to last year’s evangelism thrust which also garnered more than twenty thousand baptisms in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“At th[e] speed and passion [at] which evangelism is [being] done in SPUC, virtually everyone on the island of Mindanao has heard the gospel. I tell you Jesus Christ’s coming will be very soon,” Ambassador Bienvenido Tejano observed. As reported by Pastor Roger Caderma, SPUC President, the island of Mindanao, which covers the entire territory of SPUC, has a ratio of one Seventh-day Adventist for every 37 people . “We are hoping that SPUC will reach 700,000 people in membership by the end of the year, by God’s grace,” Pastor Roger added with optimism. As of November 20th, SPUC has a total membership of 74,064.

During the last three nights of the online evangelism campaign, Pastor Ted Wilson, President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, joined the online evangelism platform with powerful messages from the Bible about God’s True Church, the Second Coming, and Baptism. He delivered a powerful message about heaven during the Sabbath worship hour. “It’s just a thrill to be part of this great evangelism activity in the Philippines,” said Pastor Wilson during Saturday night’s dinner at the residence of Ambassador Bienvenido Tejano.

My Journey With God 2.0 was aired simultaneously by all media platforms of the South Philippine Union Conference and it was crosslinked and posted on all social media platforms by different conferences and missions. Church members were also united in sharing this initiative on their own private social media accounts. This is a testament to the Total Member Involvement initiative of the church. “Even during the pandemic, baptisms are happening,” said Pastor Ted Wilson. He pointed out that the presentation was even made available in sign language to accommodate the brethren who have special needs. 

This article was originally published on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division’s news site.