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Moi University donates land for Adventist campus church.

University leadership praises Adventist students for their exemplary behavior and performance.

Elodret, Kenya | Sam Misiani, communication director, West Kenya Union Conference

Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya, donated 10 acres of land last week to build a Seventh-day Adventist church and a center of excellence within the University premises.  The vice chancellor of the university, Laban Peter Ayiro, officially handed over the property to the Adventist church on the Sabbath of May 27.  Ayiro, and several members of the University leadership, joined the Adventist students in a worship service lead by the president of the Adventist Church in West, Kenneth Maena. 

Moi University is a microcosm of Kenya, and because the Adventist Church exists at the Moi University they too have the right to have a place of worship within the University, said Ayiro.  Referring to Exodus 33, the Vice-Chancellor commented that just as Moses found grace in the sight of God, the Adventist Church has found grace in the sight of God and that was why the University is giving them the property to build a sanctuary for God.   

Ayiro expressed great appreciation to the Adventist student body because of their exemplary behavior and performance at the University.  There were no cases of discipline involving the Adventist students.  Their conduct was found to be impeccable in an environment where many have lost good values “Always remain humble and meek so that God may lift you up,” he counseled.  

Ayiro also expressed a longing for students to increase in spirituality and stop living destructive lives.  Ayiro said the Adventist place of worship is significant because it will restore values within the student community. He called upon the students to help restore life at Moi University.  “God wants Moi University to produce human beings who will make this world a better place,” he said.

He concluded his moving speech by saying, “The Moi University you see today is not the Moi University you will see two years from now!”  While Ayiro is not a Seventh-day Adventist, he believes in the values championed by the Church and demonstrated by the group of over 2000 Adventist students.  At the close of the worship service Kenneth Maena lead a team of pastors in a special intercessory prayer for Ayiro and Moi University. 

The entire leadership of the Adventist Church in the Greater Rift Valley attended the occasion, led by Christopher Misoi, president of the church in the region.  More than two thousand students participated in the worship.  The event culminated in the entire congregation marching to the tune of Adventist youth band to the place where the Ayiro and the Maena unveiled the plaques commemorating the donation of the land and its purpose.