Ministry leaders in Russia learn what it takes to be a good leader.

More than 50 leaders learned and discussed new ways of conducting outreach and service.

Yekaterinburg, Russia | Natalia Ezhkova

Recently, more than fifty leaders from all over the Urals, a region located around the Ural Mountains in Russia, gathered together to learn new ways of outreach and overcoming difficulties while serving people. The meeting sponsored by the leaders of three areas of service: women, family and health. 

The theme of the meeting was Ellen G. White's words "Stay awake, work, pray." The presentations and lectures. inspired the leaders. The lecturers were: Maria Vacheva, head of the women's, family, and health ministries department for the Adventist Church in Western Russian, Viktor Yezhkov, executive secretary of the Uralic union, Elena Shelyagina, a physician, and Maria Mikheeva , a psychologist.

During the seminars and practical assignments, the students learned about 10 qualities that are important to develop the real leader, including, the secrets of public speaking; how to write and preach a sermon; how to prioritize and correctly use time; and how to preserve health.

The leaders communicated with each other, shared experiences in the ministry, prayed and asked the Lord for help in their ministries. During the prayers, the unity of God's people was felt.

During the discussion of various issues, a number of problems in the ministry were pointed out. The participants sought answers in full confidence the Lord would surely indicate the path the Church should go. Leaders parted ways with the desire to work and encourage the Adventists in the Urals to try new activities for the glory of the Lord.