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Russia | Tamara Ostrovskaya, Vitebsk

Few of the Belarusian Seventh-day Adventists have not heard of the agricultural estate, "Rural House", where round-the-clock events are held for everyone who wants to relax or improve their health. Everyone who is lucky enough to visit this piece of paradise can testify to the Christian atmosphere and care that reigns here.

Over the three years since its inception, the team of the agriturismo has conducted 59 events and hosted more than 800 people. Guests are people of different ages, social statuses, and religions. Eighty percent of vacationers are not members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who often hear about our faith for the first time and open the Bible for the first time. But such enterprises are called not only for recreation, healing, and testimony of God's character but also for training ministers in the field of God. With that in mind, on April 11th, with the support of the Belarusian Union of Churches, an intensive course of the Medical Missionary School (MMS) began at the Center of Influence, "Selskiy Dom", the third such school based on this enterprise.

Fourteen students came to this school, including two from Russia, one from Ukraine, and one from Estonia. With much interest, students learn to comprehend these most important disciplines: "God's Healing Program", "God Calls You", "The Wonderful Way", "The Ministry of Healing", "Fundamentals of Healthy Eating", "Fundamentals of Hydrotherapy", "Anatomy and Massage", "Methodology for conducting culinary classes and health exhibitions "," Teamwork and staff ethics "," Public speaking and the ability to write lectures. "

The team and teachers share practical skills on how to establish self-supporting ministries. Indeed, employees are engaged in natural farming without the use of fertilizers, the production and sale of healthy sweets, vegan cheese, and vegan sausage, soy products (tofu, yogurts), the sale of healthy food, and the sale of Christian clothing. 

Joint work in labor classes, which take place in the kitchen, landscaping, and the garden, contributes not only to the acquisition of certain skills but also to the acquisition of a spirit of cohesion and mutual support. Despite the intensive course, the training program is so competently organized that there is always time for walks in the picturesque surroundings, where the pine air breathes beautifully. Walking along forest roads and paths, you can not only saturate your lungs with oxygen but also stock up on hormones of joy when you see the wonderful wildlife of roe deer, deer, and bunnies.

An unforgettable atmosphere of friendliness, unity, and sincerity reigns in this environment. We thank God for this opportunity and desire to be in the ranks of His messengers and that this school was supported by the leadership of the BTC not only in words but also financially.

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