Kingaroy Church pastor Leathan Fitzpatrick opening the celebration. [Photo Courtesy of Adventist Record]
Australia | Leathan Fitzpatrick/Juliana Muniz

More than 150 people came together at Kingaroy Seventh-day Adventist Church in Queensland for a special day of celebration on Sabbath, November 20, to mark the church’s 75th anniversary. The combined worship program, themed “Celebrating the Journey,” honoured the achievements of the past while pointing forward to an even better future.

Gideon Okesene, former Kingaroy Church pastor, presented the message, and some of the church’s longest attending members—Norm Ford, Eric King, Lyn Scott, and Graham and Katrina Usher—shared details of its history.

“Norm Ford shared how the church helped clear land on his father’s farm to plant peanuts, and the proceeds of that crop were donated to building the church,” said Leathan Fitzpatrick, Kingaroy Church pastor.

History and Mission

Kingaroy officially became an organised church in 1945, but its roots go back to 1910 when evangelist Pastor {first name?} Hubbard arrived in the area and established a Bible study group in his home.

In the early years, Kingaroy Church members met in various homes and community buildings. As the group grew, it purchased its first property, on which it built a church building, slightly bigger hall, and also a school (now closed). The church outgrew that property, moving to its current campus in the 1980s.

With mission and community service as its primary focus, Kingaroy has run many evangelistic meetings and other programs throughout the years.

“There have also been some great ministry initiatives,” said Pastor Fitzpatrick, highlighting the recent drought relief ministry, through which the church members were able to hand out more than AU$30,000 to struggling farmers in the local area. “The impact of that ministry will only be fully realised in heaven.”

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record