Journey Interrupted

Journey Interrupted

Commentary | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States | Sandra Blackmer, assistant editor, Adventist Review

A Conversation With the Producers

In an e-mail interview, Journey Interrupted producers Brian and Anne Savinsky talked with Adventist Review assistant editor Sandra Blackmer about why they made the film and what they hope will result from the journeys it shares.—Editors

BLACKMER: Why did you decide to make this film?

ANNE SAVINSKY: We met the members of “Coming Out” Ministries at ASI [Adventist-Laymen’s Services & Industries] five years ago and knew right away that this was a ministry we wanted to support. We are a straight couple, but as fellow Christians we could relate to their journeys, and they inspired us. Today’s culture is grappling with the issues of homosexuality and gender, so we felt their stories needed to be told via film. Journey Interrupted was intentionally produced to be nondenominational because the topic is relevant to all, and as such we are marketing outside of the Adventist Church as well as within. Our intention is simply to make these stories of the transforming power of God available to the world as testimonies of His love and grace.

SB: What does the title Journey Interrupted mean?

BRIAN SAVINSKY: God interrupted the “journey” of each of the cast members, and the film documents how the Lord intentionally sought them and their responses to Him.

SB: What is the central message of the film? What is new or different about this message compared to other films or books out there?

BS: The central message is that no matter who you are and what issues you’re struggling with, God loves you and can provide the solutions you need. It powerfully demonstrates that God loves and respects each of us so much that He gives us the freedom to choose His way or our own. Journey Interrupted is refreshingly different in that it incorporates five very transparent, real stories with the biblical truths of overcoming sexual sin in a very open and understandable way. Along with the stories of the four “Coming Out” Ministries team members, it also shares the journey of Anna, a friend of the ministry. Anna currently lives in the gay culture and shares her past and present struggles with God within that context. The DVD includes a 90-minute bonus track of conversation with the members of “Coming Out” Ministries, where they address current issues dealing with homosexuality, gender confusion, the Christian walk, and the church.   

SB: Have you produced other films?

AS: Brian and I are not experienced in filmmaking, and this is the first film we have made. We can see the Lord’s hand in bringing us to this project, and we feel very privileged to be a part of it. Journey Interrupted is “Coming Out” Ministry’s first documentary and the first film the ministry has put out itself.  The ministry has several other videos currently available that were produced by 3ABN, Amazing Discoveries (Germany), White Horse Media, and Wahroonga Adventist Television (Australia).

SB: What is the most important thing that viewers should know about or take away from this film?

AS: Our hope is that the viewer will grasp the powerful love of God that untiringly seeks us and—as we are willing—transforms and saves us to the uttermost, regardless of our situation or our sin. It is a unique and powerful demonstration of the third angel’s message of righteousness by faith.