Israel Reflections

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2018 seems to have been a bumper year for Adventist believers visiting Israel.  There is something special about walking were Jesus walked, taking a boat trip on Galilee, or worshiping on the Mount of Beatitudes.  And what can be more moving than celebrating communion near the garden tomb – remembering a Savior who did more than die on a cross – but who overcame death to give us resurrection hope.

Those who have made the journey will testify to the spiritual benefits and biblical understanding that can come as guides and pastors bring great depth and understanding to the Biblical narrative.  Yet when we come home the memories fade – and for the vast majority of Christians, the opportunity never even presents itself in the first place.

In a new mini-series being released on YouTube and Facebook, Trans-European Communication director, Victor Hulbert, helps bring those memories back to life in short, sharp devotional thoughts recorded at key locations in the life of Jesus and other Bible characters.

Raafat Kamal, TED president states, “Until 2012 Israel was part of the TED territory – and I always got a special feeling of history each time I visited. For me, watching these short videos does the same thing. It is the next best thing to being there myself – with a short spiritual gem that connects me with the Bible story.  I’d like to see our members share this widely with as many of their friends as possible.”

Starting from a vantage point on top of the Mount of Olives, Hulbert gives a personal reflection on what it means to stand there, along with insights from some of those he met on the journey.

“These started as a personal project,” Hulbert states, but the small group of those he shared it with encouraged him to make the devotionals more available online.  “They are personal – just me sharing a thought to camera,” he adds.  “I just hope that these short, Israel Reflections, can touch a few lives and help draw people closer to Jesus.”

“I am impressed by the warm simplicity of both content and presentation,” writes Julian Hibbert, editor at the Stanborough Press in the UK. “These will provide our members with a wonderful, non-threatening way of sharing essential elements of the Christian faith with their friends and family.”

“Thank you, Victor, once again for an amazing video series,” states vlogger and British Union Youth director Dejan Stojković.  He has also worked with Hulbert on previous projects including Reformation Journey and the 2010 GC Session.  He encourages and questions, “keep up the good work. Looking forward for the next one. Where are we going next time?”

Israel Reflections will be released on a weekly basis throughout the autumn.  They are there for you to watch, but more importantly, for you to share with others whose lives you may be able to touch.